Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken
Finally got to THIS YEAR, Dad! Nice.

Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken

June That Was: Part 2 of 2

August 30th, 2010

Katherine Vacuums

Ha! Not so smart when you're unplugged are you?

Oh. I was just checking on Mr Vacuum, here...

What's this silly thing?

Oh, help. Help me...

Oh dear, I am undone by this infernal contraption!

Yes, just a little closer...

Fake left...

Attack right...

I have you now, Mr Lens Cap. Talk your way out this!


Yep, I'm up.

I know you love me, I know you care...

Plane to Florida

Nom, nom, nom...plane snacks!

Other passengers!!

Next entry is our family trip to visit the Grandmas in Florida…

Piglet and the KaGe are out

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