Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken
Finally got to THIS YEAR, Dad! Nice.

Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken

Pumpkins 4: Quest for Peace (Working Title)

November 29th, 2009


The worldwide media blitz and subsequent record-setting ticket sales for Pumpkin Picking 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs made a third sequel a foregone conclusion. Unfortunately, even as production wrapped, we didn’t have much of a story fleshed out. Here’s what we did get:

1) Jaded superstar actor mailing in his performance, even as he belittles the work of the fresh young actors brought in to prop up the ticket sales.

What are you gonna do? NOT see it?

Yeah, yeah...cue pumpkins, I come in and squat....GOLD! Print that.

No. Poor. Cut. I know I'm not the director, CUT!!

What is this? You are box-office poison. Get off my set!

Ohhhh...I'm gonna have to do television after this disaster...

2) Egregious production gaffes making it onto film due to the post-production budget being eliminated to pay for the cast.

Actors not hitting their marks...

Crew shadows entering frame...

Crew entering frame...

3) Cast taking photos of themselves with every set piece and extraneous prop, desperately clinging to the dim memory of their careers.

Hey, it's the pumpkin I was holding in part 2 when I realized my evil twin had a brain tumor!

This is the farmhouse from part 3 where I fell in love with the new girl, who later turned out to be my sister!

We were extras milling about in this field in the first film, now we have our own TV spinoff!

4) “Hilarious” outtakes for use during the credits which will end up comprising 45% of the film’s run time.

Aaaaaand, ACTION!

Hunh? What? Are we filming?

Yeah...I think I'm gonna finish the cookie.

Instead of Pumpkins 4, I’m thinking I may pull a Stallone and name this one: ‘James Henry’. 

Piglet Out

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