Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken
Finally got to THIS YEAR, Dad! Nice.

Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken

JAX: Day One (The Meltdown)

July 30th, 2008

Okay, where were we?

Sorry buddy...no habla Parseltongue.

I think we are in mid-June somewhere…

Could not BE more bored...wait maybe I can.

Oh riiiight! I went to Florida again.

Look at that yard. No giant rocks, no 45 degree incline...no fun...

Grandpa’s yard isn’t “fraught with peril” like mine. But then again, I don’t need Mom or Dad holding my hand to walk around in it…so that’s nice.

That's how I want to be bathed from now on.

I call that look “dumbfounded.” Wish I could tell you more about it.

Little help?

Grandma and I played in the yard until my shoes exploded.

Mmmmm. Hello pretty.Hold me steady, Grandma. I'm going to try a maneuver!

High or low, no flower was safe from my olfactory interrogation of that yard. I sniffed that place dry.

When's Dad get here? He'd CARRY me...

This was more fun than it looks, I promise.

Piglet Out.

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