Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken
Finally got to THIS YEAR, Dad! Nice.

Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken

November Recap

December 31st, 2007

Okay here is the story of my November in the form of a photo blog. Keep in mind I did a lot of tryptophane at the end of November and recently went on another bender at Christmas so there are two levels of turkey haze between me and the events captured in these photographs…I’m really just guessing.

Early November

Mmmm....peanut butter on a spoon!

Come, sit, read...Well, I'm starting with this one

Can I help you?

What are we eating?

These leaves make me look GOODOkay, fine I'll hold the pan...


Neither one of us are buying that, Tiffany!Impromptu snack buddy meeting

Just chilling with mom...

This one was just because...

He's getting my tummy!I got away! And I stole his phone...

Of course I have time for some photos!

Join me for a read?

Thanksgiving Day Flight to Monterey

Alright! No car seat!

Which button do I push for cookies?Cool! This plane gets cartoons.

Can I have a little puppy?

Here's the camera case. I'm not feeling it anymore.

Okay, are we almost there? I see something...is that California?Or maybe I'm the only one who is sane!

Mmm...Thanksgiving dinner makes it all better

Thanksgiving Vacation in Monterey with Cousin Brynn

Fakesgiving dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's houseActually this is Fakesgiving: The Meltdown

Despite my best efforts to catch up, Brynn is still older than me

There's no more to it, Brynn. I just sit and stare at them.

Grandpa gets it...Oh boy...that's good sniffing.

I hope the pro-photogragher is ready for THIS!Is he ready for this jelly?

This photo is about dad's pants...the rest is just accent.Don't just stand there....grab my feet.

One down, one to go

Brynn has gotten faster since last year...I mean A LOT

I'm climbing stairs with cousin Brynn...I think...where is she?Oh here she comes...back down...she is excessively ambulatory.

Wow, Brynn is so grown up. I still take baths.

I'd laugh with you at first, but if this thing bites my arm off I will eventually be pissed.This is new...they must have added this yesterday.

By the time lights reaches my ocular cavity from Brynn Murphy, she has already enjoyed three different exhibits and left the room.

Obligatory jellyfish silhouette photo...Brynn just swam up to the glass and revealed that fish is pregnant

Um, that thing is smiling at me, right? You see that, mom?Brynn says if you run around the sardines fast enough, they look like they swimming backwards...also she's going to save Lois from the earthquake.

No time to hold hands, Brynn...the camera has left the sock!

Are you speaking directly into that? Because I am hitting space bar like a wild man over here...

Okay, you two...I can only trace one hand at a time!Okay..I'm trying to show off a little. Brynn may fold space-time, but I can hold a crayon with my toe, people.

If 49 photos didn’t completely sate your curiosity for what I did this November, let me know and I’ll burn you out a disc of the 300 other photos that didn’t make the cut.

Piglet out.

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