Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken
Finally got to THIS YEAR, Dad! Nice.

Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken

December Leftovers

December 31st, 2007

I’ve already done two blog entries for December, but so much happened this month I decided to throw together a little page of extras…

An adorable online icon's work is never done.

Here I am creating and autographing Christmas cards so the parents don’t have to buy any this year. I like to help out where I can…

I wasn't done with these yet! Well...okay, now I am.

like with the dishes. Dad always puts them in wrong so I have to spend a few minutes reorganizing.

If I could move my face, I'd be telling you how cold I am right now.

This is Mom and I picking out a Christmas tree. I wanted to go with the one closest to the car so I wouldn’t have to get out…but that ended up being a telephone pole.

5 more minutes...then I'll be ready to jingle my bells off.Okay, I WAS up...then dad put his head on my butt...now, we are napping.

The week before Christmas was a sleepy one since I received my vaccinations a few days earlier. I don’t know why Dad was tired….probably just lazy.

Dad is at work...it's baby's turn to play!The controller...it does NUSSING!

Here I am playing with my XBox and watching Sesame Street at the same time.

Thanks for leaving your laundry out, Aunt Paige!

Lookame! I’m French! Ha ha ha…

Opening one early....

Grandma and Grandpa let me open a gift a day early. I don’t know why Dad complains about the “Christmas Eve Gift” tradition. I love it.

Mom, why is the waiter leaning in?

Here we are “all tarted up” for Christmas Eve dinner.

Dad took this just after Santa left...you can almost make out his boot in the chimney!

That’s what our house looked like VERY early Christmas morning.

Grandpa thinks my feet are STINKY!

I don’t smell anything, but Grandpa seems to be going into convulsions over my foot odor. That’s nothing, big guy. Check my 6.

When I grow up, I'm going to be middle management!

Once I got all the electronics and plastic animals out of this box, it made a great briefcase.

Are you taking pictures?!?!Here's my new pose...I'm calling it the Hank '08.

Happy New Year everyone!!

Piglet out.

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