Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken
Finally got to THIS YEAR, Dad! Nice.

Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken

Behind the Scenes

November 14th, 2007

Get the camera mom. I'm looking good!

After a year of video and photos, I figure it’s about time I gave my fans a look at what goes on behind the scenes during one of my photo shoots. Though I do all the creative directing on set, my talent alone doesn’t put the pictures on the screen. Besides my costars, I have a huge crew of cameramen, grips and most importantly, craft services. How did that shot turn out by the way? Bring it up on the screen, please, assistant.

Wait, let me see. How did it turn out?

Nailed it, of course!

Dust Devastator ™ Broom Shoot
Location: Back Porch

Okay, hold the broom, but stay way back. I need room to work it over here.

Okay, for this shoot, I am going to need blanketing camera coverage. I want those fancy bounce lights set up over there and over there. Someone climb that tree there and block the sun completely. I want conditioned light only on set today. Also, I didn’t see my peanut butter spoon tray. Someone get on THAT immediately. You know what, hold on…let me just knock this out instead.


There, nailed it in one take. Brooms just became the hottest Christmas gift this season. Somebody get over here and rub my feet.

Where's my assistant? Get these shoes off me.

Jimmy Hank ™ branding Shoot
Location: Bedroom

I nailed cute already. Let's give them baby genius; I want to branch out a little.

Okay everybody, this one’s for the professional portfolio. The demographics research is showing that Jimmy Hank is skewing towards friends and family, so we need this to show my universal appeal. I want to try a nerd shot first since lovable geeks are in right now, then let’s hit the bread and butter and get out. This is on my dime, so let’s not waste the light.

Am I selling

What is the limit of awesome as adorable goes to infinity? I don’t know. Ship it. Now for the moneymaker…

Did someone say cookie?

…and done. Okay, break the set. Mom, hit me with the broccoli over here. Dad, is my bath ready? I wanna be asleep in 15. Let’s go people.

Whew, that was a long shoot. I'll be in my trailer.

Nailed it!

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