Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken
Finally got to THIS YEAR, Dad! Nice.

Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken

July Montage Plus

August 31st, 2007

We didn’t take many photos in July, so this post will catch us up to August only a few minutes before August ends. So, we are definitely making good photoblog time. To make up for the relatively low photo count, I’m throwing in a bonus video at the end. Here we go…

July 1, 2007

Knocked out all my summer reading this month.

Wow! Your page number has 3 digits!Are we almost to the muffin-eating moose?

July 2, 2007

First some laying on the floor…

Just putting my feet WAY up and relaxingHey. Hey dog. Hey...this is a nice bandana!

…then some reading.

Look at all the sun outside...good day for reading by the window!o6 's6op o6

July 3, 2007

Today, just the reading.

Flik's ingenious 'Montage Within A Montage'

July 4, 2007

I’ve read all the books in here…lemme out!

Psst. Hey, come over here and move this!

I'll just move it myself then...

This...is staying right here.

July 5, 2007

You know what would be nice…spending some time with a good book.

Don't turn the page! I'm still over here!Nice signature pose, Aunt Paigey!

July 8, 2007

Dad’s afraid I’m reading too much, so he tries expanding my horizons a little.

What do you think of my pose, Elmo?I is for ice? That's just bad grammar!

July 9, 2007

The highly controversial Cinder-gate. (This one’s for Jake)

No. No. The food's on the spoon...hurry.

Let's go. Let's go. This dinner won't eat itself...

Uh oh, here they come. Stay cool, dog. Don't panic!

Oh noooo! The dog ATE my fooood!

And that’s when our camera filled up completely!! So there were no more photos until August…

Here’s some video of my first high chair experience!

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