Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken
Finally got to THIS YEAR, Dad! Nice.

Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken

May Montage I

July 15th, 2007

Okay, I’ve narrowed May down to 58 photos for the sake of moving on to more recent activities. What? You don’t think 58 photos is very narrow? Let me shine some education on you then. In the 31 days of May 2007, my mom’s camera alone took 185 photos. That means for every beautiful shot of my transcendent personality, at least two other shots of the same had to be left out….

Oh yes, I also have decided to break up the montage into two parts to ease the burden on your mail servers since an obvious break point presented itself anyway.

The beginning of May finds me living in Monterey California enjoying some time off with the grandparents…

I sleep like a model

Mmm, limes!

One of these buttons controls the weather...I just made it fartly cloudy right behind me!

Bring me food from here.......to here! Um, please.

Quality time......with my bro, Elmo.

Saturday May 12th, Mother’s Day Observed

Brunch at The BernardusIt's Mother's Day Eve

Happy Mother's Day Everybody!

Same Day, First Trip to a Pool

Yay! We're going to the pool!

I don't know...It's awesome!

Everybody get comfortable. We're not leaving...ever.

Print this out and I'll sign it when I visit your city.

Tuesday May 15th, Visit to “My Museum”

Severely UNDER-whelmed.

Hmm, ring a doorbell? Where ELSE could I do that?Slapping a pipe with a shoe? What did I just learn?

Wait, I love driving.Very realistic...street lines mesmerizing me...


Purell! Purell, me!

Same Day, Monterey Aquarium

Ah, the aquarium...better everytime I go!


I wake up like a model too.

Wednesday May 16th, Road trip to San Francisco

I can see our old house from here!Yep. There it is!

Thursday May 17th, Jackson’s Hole

This sheet is charcoal, that's how bright it is out here!I can see Jackson's hole, heh heh.

Lunch with the grandma

I am always working the camera. Such is

Part II coming soon…

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