Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken
Finally got to THIS YEAR, Dad! Nice.

Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken

End of April

June 27th, 2007
This is one of those accelerated time montages we discussed in the previous post. Here’s the setting: It’s the last two weeks of April. Dad is unemployed and I am [seven] and a half months old….Go!
Going for a walk
Grampa Doc got me those sunglasses and they are delicious.
Ah, the unemployed life...
Did I mention Dad is unemployed?
Left at AlbuquerquePatient's Left at Albuquerque
This is my first ever public highchair…I think. Mom? I know it’s Left At Albuquerque’s, they had the best black beans…
No kidding, this is the life...
I didn’t know Dad slept this much. He’s really good at it!
Welcome to my entertainment zone!Play time!
My play area used to be really small; you should see the cage they keep me in now. It’s huge!
Mind = BlownLike the Halls of Moria...but above ground...and no orcs
This is the Exploratorium in San Fran, it was really cool. They had lots of science gadgets inside and a crazy Neoclassical colonnade out back. My mind exploded that day!
Mmmm. Fizzy sugar water.
Here I am enjoying a tasty lunch at Mel’s Diner.
Good morning!
Okay that was the end of April, thanks for sharing it with me…
Don't touch that I'm still playing with...
Piglet out.

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