Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken
Finally got to THIS YEAR, Dad! Nice.

Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken

My First Christmas Stocking

February 2nd, 2007

So, we finally got around to opening my Christmas stocking, and I was relieved to discover that the all-knowing judger of men, Saint Nicholas of Myra, had seen fit to fill my giant chimney sock with toys, not anthracite.

Granmama got me sock puppets!

Green and purple sock puppets?! They look like so much fun, grandma! I want to play with them…

Green or purple? Green or purple?
I’ll take green!
Choose wisely...
I guess I'll try green...
Hey, that’s funny.
It kinda grabs onto to you there doesn’t it?
Oh, that tickles…
Uh, what?!
This thing won’t let go!
Oh no. OH NO!
Dear god, somebody help me!
This doesn't feel right.
Get this thing offa me!
Get it off me!
Curse you Santa Claus!
Curse you and your flea-bitten mythical caribou!

Oh wait. It came off…

What does the purple one do?
Klaatu Barada Nicto!

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