Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken
Finally got to THIS YEAR, Dad! Nice.

Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken

The November I Spent Being Awesome

December 11th, 2006

America’s New Top Model

Yeah that's right...

Due to my inability to form generally understandable language or master fine motor skills, I’ve decided I will need to find another manner to contribute to society. Thus, I will be floating by on my looks for a while. Here are some shots from my November 10th photo session.

Someone say boobies?Aloof

This last one is my cover for Awesome Baby Monthly. Try that without your creepy alien wig, Suri!


Allow Me To Introduce…

a few of my friends. From left to right, these guys are Orange Giraffe, Steve the Sheep, and Sven Karlsberg the Jingle Frog. We’re all best friends because they giggle when I fart.

Some Dudes Hanging Out

Now, my very special friend Froggy Head. We’ve been friends as long as I can remember. He’s gotten me through some tough times with his calming smile and always sage advice. You can only see his chin here, but trust me he looks like the head of a frog smiling down on you from a car seat handle.

I Heart Froggies

Yes, that’s my neck weenie you are laughing at. It’s helping me avoid a flat spot on my cranium. Daddy says I look like a beautiful angel with plush green wing nubs when I use it…so there!


We celebrated Thanksgiving a day late this year, so I just hung out with Grandma on the 23rd.

Mom and Grandma

Here I am pretending to be hopped up on Triptophane.



Happy Fakesgiving

Gobble, gobble, gobble, people! I have two plans for today: Eat and Nap! Since we can’t eat until Aunt Lindsay and Uncle DeWayne get here, I’m starting with the latter.

FakesgivingNapWithDad_11_24_2006This One's for Grampa Doc

I’m actually napping on a walk in the next one, so I am getting some exercise at least.

Nap On The Go

Oh boy! My cousin Brynn is finally here! Wow, I was totally not listening when dad tried to explain the genetic relation between me and Brynn. What I do know is that she looks a little like me. That’s family for you I guess.

Meet Cousin BrynnAunt Lindsay, Uncle DeWayne and Cousin Brynn

So that was really exciting…back to my plan.


Brynn and James’ Day of Fun

Saturday of Thanksgiving break Brynn and I took a trip to the world famous Monterey Aquarium. This going to be a day I will never forget. My first aquarium, people!

Ready to go!With the moms...

First we made a beeline for the penguins. Penguins are awesome, I couldn’t wait to see them!

Too much excitement already...I'm a penguin...a very lethargic penguin...

Then Brynn and I checked out the amazing tornado of sardines. Wow those were great. Brynn and I were enthralled.

Brynn likes sardines......I like sleeping.

Then we got a group photo near the site where they filmed part of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. I haven’t actually watched any Star Trek yet, but I hear it’s even BETTER than “The View”, so I’m sure I’ll love it.

How did he know Gracie's pregnant?!

On the way out of the aquarium I fell asleep, so Mom took a funny picture of me napping…silliness.

Fish exhaust me.

Two Babies Enter…

We spent all day Sunday shoving two babies together and flashing bright lights at them. As you can imagine after only a few shakes of the bag, Brynn and I began to go at each other Ultimate Fighting Championship style…

Round 1

Peacefully sharing a couch... Peacefully sharing a couch…
C'mon, fight her... “C’mon! Fight her…”
Hey! She tried to bite me! Hey! She tried to bite me!
Go ahead sissy! Punch her back! “Go ahead sissy! Punch her back!”

Round 2

But, we don't want to fight. But, we don’t want to fight.
Nobody eats until you two fight! “Nobody eats until you two fight!”
Hey! She punched my throat! Hey! She punched my throat!
Knock-out! Knocked out by a girl…

Well, I never expected my own cousin to Judo chop me in the neck for food, but that’s the kind of family I was born into. What are ya gonna do really?

Piglet Out.

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