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Finally got to THIS YEAR, Dad! Nice.

Jimmy Hank and Kitty Chicken

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November 27th, 2006

I wracked my tiny minimally developed brain to remember the week of October 28th and I’m coming up with nada. Let’s look back and try to piece it together, well, uh…together I guess.

October 28th:

Asleep On PamAsleepOnPam2

Looks like I spent part of the day asleep in Granmama’s arms. Perhaps I merely found sleeping easier than processing the greenness of that shirt.


Oh look. I guess I spent some time talking with my Aunt Paige. I’m getting pretty worked up there. I probably smelled her fear and tried to freak her out with a little tantrum. Five bucks says she put me down and ran out to buy condoms.


No, wait. Alma I remember. Indeed, I may never forget…

October 29th:

No record of my existence on this day survived. One can surmise that photographic proof of life from the day before and the day after is enough to assume I in fact lived through the 29th of October. However, I choose to believe I folded time/space and simply went to sleep on the 28th and awoke on 30th.

October 30th:

Cute 2 10 30 2006Cute 10 30 2006cute3 10 30 2006

I guess I was really tired this day as I never even got out of bed apparently. Getting my laze on…resting up for my first ever Halloween Night.

October 31st:

Alright! My first Halloween. Let’s see how I spent it. What was my costume…

Halloween 3Halloween 2Halloween

What?!?!? I slept through my first Halloween? I see someone tried to get me in the spirit by dressing me in my monkey shirt, but alas…it was for naught. Here’s what I imagined my “Evil Baby From Beyond Space…And Time” costume would look like:


November 1st:

Pooping Position

Someone’s lucky I have a diaper on. Looks like a really cocked the hammer on that BM.

November 2nd:

Mimi Talks...

Ah, my Mimi must have come by to visit me today. Is she telling me a story? I love her stories.

...Baby Sleeps

Oh yeah, see. Her story worked.

Doc Sleeps

Mimi must have told Grampa Doc a story right before this photo was taken. I hope she leaves someone awake to take care of me….

Well everyone, that was the week! Please join me next time when I prove a piglet can fly.

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